Bin Laden Previously Warned He Would Attack US Interests

By T.C. Malhotra | July 7, 2008 | 8:10 PM EDT

New Delhi ( - Saudi billionaire and international terrorist Osama Bin Laden reportedly spoke about a plan to launch terrorist attacks on U.S. installations around the world after the October terror attack on the USS Cole.

A Kuwaiti newspaper, Al-Rai Al-Aam, reported Tuesday that bin Laden had released a videotape in which he praised the attack on the USS Cole as a "victory" and called on his followers to "strike against Western and Jewish interests worldwide."

The newspaper, which said it acquired a copy of the tape, reports that the video shows members of bin Laden's organization Al-Qaida (the Base) training at their Al-Farouq base in Afghanistan, while singing revolutionary songs calling for Jihad, or holy war, and resistance.

"Thanks to Allah for leading us to victory the day we destroyed the Cole at sea," says one of the songs, in reference to the attack last October in Yemen on the US warship that left 19 American sailors dead.

Bin Laden himself appears in the tape, urging his followers to continue their attacks against U.S. and Israeli interests. He is also seen firing a rifle.

In New Delhi three months ago, American intelligence agencies identified a Yemenese national, Abdul Rehman Al Safani, an alleged bin Laden operative who reportedly planned to attack the U.S. Embassy in Delhi. Al Safani is said to be one of those who helped carry out the October 12, 2000, blast aboard American destroyer USS Cole at Aden in Yemen.

Delhi Police also arrested a Sudanese national, Abdel Raouf Hawash, and accused him of planning to carry out a bomb attack on the US Embassy. During questioning, Hawash reportedly told the police that he had been acting on the directions of a Yemenese national, Al Safani.

Safani's full name is Abdul Rehman Hussain Mohammed Al Safani. He was last known to be using a Yemenese passport (No. 414187).

Using that passport, Al Safani left Yemen a few days before the blast aboard USS Cole, which left 19 American sailors dead and several others injured, an official of the Indian intelligence agency, Intelligence Bureau (IB) said on Wednesday.

Al Safani had been a key player in the planning and carrying out of the attack on the ship, the intelligence official said. It had taken him over three years to carry out the suicide attack successfully.

"If Abdel Rehman Al Safani is the same man who carried out the bombing onboard USS Cole, it would conclusively establish the link between the planned attack at the US Embassy in Delhi and Osama bin Laden,'' the official said.