Billy goat spells grief for German tourists

By the Associated Press | August 18, 2011 | 5:00 PM EDT

AUSSERVILLGRATEN, Austria (AP) — No buts about it — this billy goat was a pain in the butt.

Austrian state broadcaster ORF reports that a German tourist couple had their hands full for three hours with a goat that wouldn't quit attacking them.

To stop the butting, Stefan Prill was forced to grab the beast by the horns — and hold on.

Prill says he literally dragged it down the mountain slope they were hiking on toward the Tyrollean village of Ausservillgraten. He and Anja Buder, his wife, said Thursday that every time Prill let go, the horned assaults continued.

Police called to the scene finally soothed the animal. There were no serious injuries — but ORF, citing police, says the goat's owner will have to pay for Buder's ripped trousers.