Beatty, Bening No Friends of Clintons

By Susan Jones | July 7, 2008 | 8:25 PM EDT

( - Warren Beatty told Vanity Fair magazine that he will not run for President, but it was some of his wife's comments to the magazine that may surprise you. Both Beatty and Annette Bening gave an interview to the magazine, and both had unflattering things to say about Bill and Hillary Clinton, who are known as "friends to the stars."

Bening told Vanity Fair she was impressed by Mrs. Clinton at first, but then "I saw how politically deft she was, and I was not completely seduced by that." Bening said, "I have a lot of mixed feelings about what she's doing now [running for the Senate]. She always appears to be doing what's politically expedient in the most transparent way."

Of the Clintons as a couple, Bening said, "You feel like there's prevaricating, there's lying. You just don't trust them."

The Clintons have pumped members of the film industry for campaign contributions and they've basked in the cult of Hollywood celebrity, but among some stars there's apparently a feeling that the Clintons have not given much in return.

Bening's husband Warren Beatty, a long-standing Democrat who toyed with a run for president himself, told Vanity Fair he's not running for president because he's afraid he might damage the liberal causes that mean so much to him.

Beatty said he feels estranged from his party. He joked that his 1998 film "Bulworth" - a satire about a politician who suddenly decides to tell the truth - may have knocked him off the Clintons' dinner party lists. "You can't really make jokes like that unless you're willing to have your invitation to the table rescinded," he said. "And I had become more and more willing to have that invitation rescinded."

Beatty refused to endorse any of this year's Democratic presidential hopefuls, saying they were good men, but they were ignoring the issues he cares about - including campaign finance reform, universal health care, and exploitative labor practices.