Bauer Campaign Chairman Jumps to Forbes

By Ben Anderson | July 7, 2008 | 8:24 PM EDT

( - The top lieutenant to Republican presidential candidate Gary Bauer resigned from his position Tuesday, saying the former Family Research Council leader "cannot win" the White House.

Bauer National Campaign Chairman Charles Jarvis resigned his post and endorsed conservative rival Steve Forbes for the 2000 GOP presidential nomination.

In a memo to conservative leaders, Jarvis delivered a series of blows to the Bauer campaign saying, "my friend and colleague for 16 years, cannot win." Jarvis added that Forbes is "the only conservative who can win."

"We waged a valiant effort in Iowa. I am very proud of our work. But we must be honest with ourselves. Our efforts, while impressive, were not enough," Jarvis said of Bauer's bid for the nomination.

In a statement released today, Bauer Campaign Manager Frank Cannon wished Jarvis well in his new role. "We are sorry that Charlie Jarvis has left our campaign. We appreciate the contribution he has made to our efforts," Cannon said. "The Bauer campaign is moving forward with great momentum. We hope that Charlie can convince Steve Forbes to debate us on the issues soon."

Forbes praised Jarvis as a man who's "fought in the pro-family trenches for years. I welcome him aboard. We're going to win the Republican nomination and the presidency by uniting economic and social conservatives and building a new conservative majority."

Jarvis was previously Executive Vice President of Focus on the Family and also served a role in the Reagan Administration.

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