Rep. Jordan: Republicans Retreat To Plan Next Month's Debt Ceiling Strategy

By Barbara Hollingsworth | January 29, 2014 | 3:31 PM EST

President Obama delivers his 2014 State of the Union address on Capitol Hill. (AP photo)

( – In his State of the Union address, President Obama presented the usual laundry list of things he wants to accomplish this year, but did not outline ways to pay for his new initiatives other than going deeper into debt, says Rep. Jim Jordan (R-Ohio).

But the House Republican leadership still doesn’t have a strategy in place to fight what is expected to be a bruising battle next month over raising the $17 trillion national debt limit.

“We’re heading to a conference retreat over the next three days and we’ll be discussing that issue and many others over that time frame, and we’ll know more next week,” Jordan told, noting that the president’s call for more government spending is a problem when the nation is deeply in debt.

“It’s a problem because one of the issues [the president] did talk about was just raise the debt ceiling. Don’t put in place any measures to address the underlying problem, which is we’re spending more than we take in every single year to the tune of several hundred billion dollars. Until this past year, it was over a trillion dollars more of spending each year than what the government took in. You cannot sustain that model,” Jordan said.

“So he didn’t highlight how we’re going to deal with this huge $17 trillion debt that is going to be a tremendous burden, not only on future generations, but frankly, it’s so big it’s impacting, I think, the economy now, and job creation now.”

Jordan said that he and his fellow House Republicans were not impressed with Obama’s speech, pointing out that the chief executive did not come up with any new ideas to solve the nation’s problems.

“It is the same old, same old. It’s more government, more government spending,” Jordan told, pointing to the president’s call to extend unemployment benefits.

“One of the things he pushed in his speech last night was we need to extend unemployment insurance, emergency unemployment insurance compensation for the 13th time in five years. The 13th time. So, think about it. Oh, this one will work? The first 12 didn’t work, but the 13th time, that’s the one. That’ll solve everything. You know, it’s the same old stuff.

“And if big government spending, and if more government and more government spending were going to get us out of these economic doldrums and create jobs, well, for goodness’ sake, that would have happened a long time ago, because that’s all this president has done for five years.” asked Jordan if President Obama has the legal and constitutional authority to act unilaterally if Congress does not approve his climate change initiative and other things he wants to get done this year.

“Of course not, but that hasn’t stopped him, unfortunately,” Jordan replied. “And again, this is more of the same… Obamacare is again the best example, where the president said oh, the law is the law, except we’re going to give a special exemption to certain interest groups that are his favorites.

“So big corporations got exempt from the employer mandate back on July 2nd. He exempted members of Congress and said, oh no, no, you can get the member subsidy in the plan even though the law says differently,” he pointed out. “So this has just been a pattern with this president …

“I do think it’s a dangerous precedent that the president is setting, that he’s moving away from a fundamental principle in this country, which is equal treatment under the law, and Obamacare again is the best example.”

What should Congress do when the president attempts to usurp its authority? asked Jordan.

“Take the case to the American people, take it to the judicial branch, and continue to press and build for the next election, because ultimately the way we decide things in this country is at the ballot box, and obviously we’re 10 months away from another big election,” he replied.

Voters are well aware of Obama’s unfulfilled promises on Obamacare and the economy, he added. “I do think that more Americans are beginning to just say, ‘Okay, we’ve heard the same thing before. This is the 6th State of the Union this president’s given. We’ve heard it before….and the results haven’t changed.’

“You can look at Obamacare, you can look at all the different lies that were told relative to that – if you like your plan, you can keep it; if you like your doctor, you can keep [him]; you premiums are going to go down $2,500 – none of that is true. And just as importantly, all the things Obama said about what he would do to help the economy and here we are, still with this stagnant economy.

“So it’s hard to believe his current promises when he still hasn’t kept the old ones.”