Bachmann at Supreme Court: ‘Obamacare Is the Greatest Expansion of Federal Power in the History of the Country’

By Penny Starr | March 27, 2012 | 6:21 PM EDT

Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-Minn.), chairwoman of the House Tea Party Caucus, spoke to a crowd of Obamacare opponents on the steps of the Supreme Court on March 27, 2012. ( Starr)

( – The author of the congressional bill to repeal the Affordable Care Act, popularly known as Obamacare, spoke on the steps of the Supreme Court on Tuesday, telling a gathering of the Tea Party Patriots that President Barack Obama’s signature law was the greatest expansion of federal power in U.S. history.

Bachman said, “Obamacare is the greatest expansion of federal power in the history of the country, the largest entitlement program the country has ever seen.”

When Obamacare became law on Mar. 21, 2010, Bachmann had told a colleague on the House floor, “We have to let the American people know we have not waved the white flag of surrender on socialized medicine.”

To that end, Bachman introduced HR 4903 the day after Obama signed the health care bill.

On Tuesday at the Supreme Court, Bachmann said the decision by the nine justices who are hearing the legal challenge to Obamacare would be “one of the most important consequential decisions that will ever come before this court.”

Bachmann, who is chairwoman of the House Tea Party Caucus, had to shout into the microphones set up in front of the Supreme Court to compete with the shouting from a group of protestors who support the health care law.

Carrying banners with slogans such as “Protect the Law” and “We Love Obamacare,” the protestors mingled with Tea Party activists, repeating chants in favor of Obamacare as Bachmann and other spoke.

Bachmann was joined by other lawmakers and activists, such as Ken Hoagland, chairman of the petition drive and the Restore America’s Voice Foundation.

Hoagland announced that his organization was delivering 1 million petitions in favor of repealing Obamacare to the office of Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.). He also said the Supreme Court should not have the final word on the fate of the health care law.

“No matter what the Supreme Court decides, the will of the people must be faithfully represented,” Hoagland said.