Baby Ripped From Mother's Womb Found Alive in Kansas

By David Thibault | July 7, 2008 | 8:22 PM EDT

( - The infant girl torn from her murdered mother's abdomen and abducted from Missouri on Thursday, was found in good health on Friday across the state border in Kansas. An Amber Alert had earlier been issued by authorities in Nodaway County, Mo., in hopes of locating the baby.

"It's about as good as we can get, people," Nodaway County Sheriff Ben Espey said at a new conference. Two people were being questioned, according to authorities, who were also waiting for DNA information to confirm that the little girl found in Kansas was the same child taken from the womb of 23-year-old Bobby Jo Stinnett.

Stinnett, eight months pregnant, was found in her Missouri home Thursday. She had apparently been strangled. Although the child was technically born when she was removed from her mother, the case was prompting more discussion Friday about the rights of unborn babies.

The status of unborn babies was elevated in the eyes of many people earlier this year when a California man, Scott Peterson, was convicted on charges that he murdered his pregnant wife. Not only was Peterson found guilty of killing his wife Laci, he was convicted of causing the death of the couple's unborn son Conner.

"I think the American public is more and more beginning to understand that what is alive and growing inside of a mother's womb is a baby, it's a child," said Jim Sedlak, spokesman for the American Life League. "And the Conner Peterson case, where that baby was killed, was a case that brought that to the forefront."

The Amber Alert system partners local authorities and broadcast outlets to send out urgent bulletins on the abduction of a child.

"As I understand it, there was some initial confusion over whether or not the Amber Alert should be issued ... but once the baby was removed from the mother, the baby was born, technically," Sedlak said.

"Issuing an Amber Alert for a born child that has been abducted is exactly what Amber Alert is there for. This one just happens to be a very, very young child, just minutes old," when he or she was abducted," Sedlak said in a conversation with shortly before police announced that the infant had been located.
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