Author Andrew Klavan: Obama ‘Gift From God’ Because He Shows How Left Governs

By Penny Starr | August 8, 2011 | 12:44 PM EDT

Author and commentator Andrew Klavan.

( – Barack Obama is a “gift from God” because during his tenure as president he has revealed what happens when a liberal Democrat is in the White House, said author and conservative commentator Andrew Klavan.

“Obama in some ways is a gift from God,” Klavan told in a telephone interview on Monday. “He has shown us what the left looks like when it governs.”

“We need to be reminded of it now and again apparently,” he said.

Klavan is touring the East Coast to promote the final installment in his “Homelanders” book series for young adults. “The Final Hour” is the fourth and final book of the series, which centers around protagonist Charlie West, a young Christian American, who finds himself fighting Islamic extremists and accusations by police that he committed murder.

In the series, West fights extremists from the Right and the Left who have joined forces to recruit young American men to the Homelanders, a jihadist group.

Klavan said he believes his books, which are being made into feature films by “Transformers” producer Lorenzo Di Bonaventura, are unique in that they tell the tale of a Christian American who is fighting Islamic extremists.

Klavan said “political correctness” is so pervasive in Hollywood’s liberal film-making industry that the real enemies faced by Americans – including Islamic extremists – are not cast as villains. He cited as an example the new film “Captain America” where the hero is battling Nazis.

“We have bad guys now and I think when movies can’t confront the realities of the world in plain language, straightforwardly, they become irrelevant in some ways,” Klavan said.

President Barack Obama makes an opening statement on the ongoing budget negotiations before a press conference in the Brady Briefing Room of the White House in Washington, Friday, July 15, 2011. (AP Photo/Pablo Martinez Monsivais)

“Political correctness has infested the arts and made it difficult to make art about the way life really is,” he said.

Klavan, a commentator for conservative media outlets and blogger at his Web site, said that the troubles facing the nation will be solved not by the “Washington elite,” but by the American people.

“If we’re still America – if people are willing to stand up and say, ‘Do less for me and let me be free’ – if people are willing to do that, then I think we’ll have a real turnaround in this country and we really will bring things under control,” Klavan said. “If people are saying, ‘Cut the budget but don’t cut my entitlements,’ then we may be in real trouble.”