Atlanta police order Wall Street protesters out

By ERRIN HAINES | October 26, 2011 | 12:15 AM EDT

ATLANTA (AP) — Atlanta police have surrounded a park where the city's Occupy Wall Street protesters have gathered and have ordered everyone to leave.

Early Wednesday, police and barricades encircled Woodruff Park. It is there — like in many American cities — that protesters have camped out for weeks to rally against what they see as corporate greed and a wide range of other economic issues. The protests have attracted a wide range of people, including college students looking for work and the homeless.

As dozens of Atlanta police continued to arrive, some gathered up their tents, pillows, sleeping bags and other belongings, saying they didn't want to lose them.

Organizers have instructed participants to remember to be peaceful if arrests come. Leaders who want to get arrested to gather in the center.