Atlanta Journal Endorses Bush, Bradley

By Jerry Miller | July 7, 2008 | 8:25 PM EDT

( - The Atlanta Journal has endorsed two presidential candidates -Republican George W Bush and Democrat Bill Bradley - in Georgia's primary contests on Tuesday.

In the case of Bush, the endorsement comes on the heels of a meeting with the newspaper's editorial board during a March 1st campaign swing through the state. The session had Bush describing, in detail, his views on education, judicial appointments, taxes, Social Security, character and the use of faith-based programs.

In endorsing Bush, the Journal characterized the Texas governor as "thoughtful, well prepared and a moderate conservative who is fully qualified, intellectually and otherwise, to be president of the United States. In the flesh, face to face, Bush comes across as anything but the intellectual lightweight or the captive of the religious conservatives his adversaries have attempted to invent."

The Journal described Bush's platform as "absolutely mainstream and moderate" and, citing his meeting with the editorial board, added "Bush was impressive in his grasp of complex public policy issues and his advocacy of down-to-earth, doable solutions."

Noting the next president might appoint as many as four members to the US Supreme Court, the paper applauded Bush for the criteria he would use. "He threatens no blind, single issue litmus test, but promises to appoint jurists who will carefully interpret the Constitution, not attempt to legislate from the bench. This single policy could do more to make America a better nation than any direct act a president could take."

"Finally, it is deeply important that America restore dignity, honor and trust to the White House after years of shameful abuse, both political and personal," said the newspaper.

On the Democratic side, the Journal endorsed Bradley, even though it said, "Many, if not most of the policies espoused by the two Democratic candidates represent an expansion of government in ways that we think unnecessary."

The newspaper said of Bradley, "He's the kind of guy you'd trust to do-the-right thing when nobody is paying attention...that do-the-right-thing decency comes across, too, when he talks about his commitment to improved race don't get the sense that he's just walked out of a focus group or read an overnight poll, but that he's a guy who traveled the country in a bonded band of black and white athletes, living diversity and, therefore, preaching a message he believes."