'Are You Better Off This Holiday?,' Democrats Ask

By Susan Jones | July 7, 2008 | 8:31 PM EDT

(CNSNews.com) - In a year-end effort to raise funds -- as well as enthusiasm for the Democratic Party -- House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi is urging fellow Democrats to "look back" over the past year and consider how Republicans have messed things up.

Pelosi mentions a Republican Party in charge of the White House and both chambers of Congress that "decided to go full throttle" on corruption.

"They hoped that by shutting down all avenues of accountability, they could establish a permanent stranglehold on our government where they would be insulated from any consequences for betraying the public trust," Pelosi wrote in a message on behalf of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee.

"It's time to clean House,"" Pelosi said. The DCCC's mission is to elect more Democrats to Congress -- and Pelosi is telling Americans that there is no better gift this holiday season than making a contribution toward throwing the Republicans right out of Congress.

"Think of that friend or that member of your family who has been hurt, or even just outraged by what the Republicans have done to our country -- is there anything they want more than to help restore decency to our government?"

Pelosi writes that a contribution to the DCCC will reward not just a friend or a loved one -- but all Americans, because it will "bring us closer to ending the radical agenda of George Bush and his Republican Cover-Up Congress."

Pelosi promises that a Democrat-controlled House will offer a "real energy plan that focuses on lowering high energy costs and developing new, cleaner technologies like hybrids, conservation, and renewable resources."

She said Democrats will offer a "real prescription drug benefit that lowers out-of-pocket expenses and guarantees benefits, not one written by the pharmaceutical companies," and she said Democrats will challenge the Bush administration's "incompetent and dishonest foreign policy."

Pelosi notes that Democrats need only 15 seats to regain a majority in the House: "Then the People's House will be a place that is truly befitting of the holiday spirit -- where we care for all people, and do the things necessary to make us stronger today and in future generations."

More evidence is expected to emerge when the men's trial begins.

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