Arafat Tells Barak To 'Go To Hell'

By Julie Stahl | July 7, 2008 | 8:08 PM EDT

Jerusalem ( - Palestinian Authority Chairman Yasser Arafat says he is marching toward an independent state with Jerusalem as its capital and if Prime Minister Ehud Barak doesn't like it, he can "go to hell."

Arafat spoke after Barak called for a "time-out" from negotiations, following a condemnation of Israel by Arab states meeting at a weekend summit in Cairo.

As the summit continued, sporadic violence continued throughout the West Bank and Gaza Strip with four Palestinians killed in the fighting. Gunmen also fired on the Jerusalem neighborhood of Gilo in a fifth shooting attack there. No-one was injured when 16 building on five streets were sprayed with automatic gunfire from the valley below.

Israel responded by launching rockets from helicopter gunships at the source of the fire in the PA-controlled neighborhood of Beit Jalla, alongside Bethlehem.

According to reports, 10 Palestinians were wounded in the counterattack.

Army chief Shaul Mofaz warned on Monday that he would surround the town of Beit Jalla in order to prevent Arafat's paramilitary Tanzim from entering the town, a convenient launching-pad for attacks against the capital's southern neighborhoods.

Israeli security forces are on heightened alert after a fresh warning that terror attacks are being planned against Israeli targets in the West Bank and inside Israel. More to come.