APNewsBreak: Marvel's Uncanny X-Men ending in Oct.

By the Associated Press | June 9, 2011 | 3:15 AM EDT

PHILADELPHIA (AP) — Personal strife and a schism will play havoc with Marvel's X-Men this summer — and something will have to give way.

That, Marvel Comics says, is "Uncanny X-Men," one of the publisher's flagship titles that has underscored its comics offerings since 1963 when the debut issue written by Stan Lee and drawn by Jack Kirby arrived on newsstands to solidify the industry's silver age.

But come October, the series will come to an end with issue 544 as it builds on the events starting next month in the Jason Aaron-penned "X-Men: Schism" five-issue mini-series.

What that schism is, Marvel was mum, but it involves the fragile and frayed relationship between two of the best known X-Men, Cyclops and Wolverine.