AP-GfK poll: Italians see immigration as 'good'

By FRANCES D'EMILIO | November 23, 2011 | 8:45 AM EST

ROME (AP) — A new AP-GfK poll has found that two-thirds of Italians consider legal immigration "good" for their country and many would welcome more migrants.

The results are surprising given the persistent sentiment in Italy linking foreigners to crime and other social ills like unemployment and drug trafficking.

Analysts suggested Wednesday the findings indicate Italians' split view of immigration: While many have a knee-jerk hostile reaction to immigrants because of security fears, many also realize they are needed to do the jobs Italians won't do, to pay into Italy's overburdened pension system and to care for the country's aging population.


AP Poll is at http://www.ap-gfkpoll.com