Anti-UN Group Finds Allies in New York

By Susan Jones | July 7, 2008 | 8:05 PM EDT

( - A conservative group that wants to get the United Nations out of the United States said it will work with New York lawmakers and community leaders who are trying to block the expansion and renovation of U.N. headquarters.

The co-founders of Move America Forward, Howard Kaloogian and San Francisco radio talk-show host Melanie Morgan, said they have reached out to New York officials who are opposed to expanding the U.N.'s presence in their community.

The New York State Senate has blocked legislation that would allow the U.N. to proceed with its expansion plans. Some New York City Council Members also oppose the expansion, including the head of the city's landmarks committee.

Local community and neighborhood groups also oppose the expansion, because it would encroach on a city park.

"The United Nations has been a horribly unappreciative guest," Kaloogian said in a press release. "We gave the U.N. the land and the building they currently operate in. And what kind of appreciation does the U.N. show?

"United Nations officials stiff New York City to the tune of millions of dollars in unpaid parking tickets and taxes, and U.N. General Secretary Kofi Annan calls the United States 'one of the least generous' countries in the world," he said.

"We support the efforts of New York state and local officials to block the UN's expansion and refurbishment plans and we will work side by side with them to help them succeed."

Melanie Morgan is urging Americans to sign Move America Forward's petition that seeks to expel the U.N. from U.S. soil and significantly reduce America's financial payments to the U.N.

"One of the most absurd notions of this U.N. expansion and renovation plan is that the American taxpayers get soaked twice. First, we guarantee the $1.3 billion to renovate their crumbling facilities. Then, the U.S. is expected to pay back 22 percent of the loan made to ourselves in the form of our annual financial payment to the U.N.," Morgan said.

"What this amounts to is the taxpayer-funded construction of a brand new facility for corrupt international bureaucrats and anti-American activists to base their attacks on the United States and the forces of freedom around the globe.

"We need to send a message to the terrorist-sympathizers at the U.N. and let them know that they are no longer welcome on American soil," Morgan said.

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