Anti-Bush Effort Sending Volunteers to Senate Offices

By Susan Jones | July 7, 2008 | 8:30 PM EDT

( - "Ordinary Americans" are demanding that President George W. Bush be censured over his "deceptive rationale" for the Iraq War, an anti-Bush group claims., an anti-war group that is dedicated to removing President Bush from office, said hundreds of Americans -- "dismayed to learn that the President knowingly made false claims about weapons of mass destruction in Iraq and other intelligence" -- will personally visit every U.S. Senator's home office in a 12 hour blitz on Thursday.

\kerning0"They will carry petitions signed by more than half a million Americans so far, demanding that Congress censure, or formally reprimand, the President for betraying the nation's trust," said in a press release.

In addition, said it would start airing a 60-second radio ad in Maine, New Mexico, Kentucky, Tennessee and Iowa, starting Wednesday.

The ad rebuts Bush's statements leading up to the war, and it accuses Bush of "misleading the American people and the Congress."

"When a president misleads a nation into fighting a war that has cost us over 500 American lives and untold billions of dollars, there must be consequences," the ad says.

"We're putting Congress on notice that Americans are outraged, said Peter Schurman, executive director of "George W. Bush knowingly hyped and distorted intelligence to create a phony rationale for war," he said.

"He knew the truth, but he hid it from us," Schurman added. "No matter how one feels about the appropriateness of the war, Americans agree that Presidents should not deceive the Congress or the people. Senators have an obligation to serve as a check on this sort of abuse." said that as of Monday, it had 532,000 responses to its "censure Bush" petition drive.