Ann Coulter Offers Mild Praise for Obama

By Fred Lucas | March 1, 2009 | 7:47 PM EST

Washington ( - Conservative author and commentator Ann Coulter offered mild praise for President Barack Obama on Saturday at the Conservative Political Action Conference.
“On national security, we ought to be gloating because he seems to be continuing the policies of George Bush instead of, Daily Kos and Code Pink and the New York Times and a lot of them are weeping,” Coulter said.

“Apparently Obama got into office, got national security briefings and thought, ‘I can’t let the New York Times run national security.’ So I think we do owe a big thank you to George Bush for keeping us so safe.”
The statement, which came in response to a question after her speech to an enthusiastic crowd at the Conservative Political Action Conference, received a standing ovation as did several other cooments from the sometimes controversial Coulter.
It was the closest she came to complimenting the president. She spent most of the speech mocking the mainstream media’s adulation of Obama.
“The theme of the last few months is that Obama is the incarnate spirit of Abraham Lincoln,” Coulter said. “So I guess this is the end of Obama’s honeymoon with the press. He’s not Jesus anymore he’s just Lincoln. I forget, how many times did Lincoln vote 'present'? Obama voted present more than 100 times. The only time he wasn’t present was when Jeremiah Wright was giving one of those hate-filled sermons.”
Coulter, who has a rock star following among conservative activists at CPAC, was introduced by former Rep. Tom DeLay (R-Texas), who also is known for his blunt speaking. 
“Ann Coulter says things I think but won’t dare say out loud,” DeLay said to laughter.  He added that she has a “backbone of titanium.”

Coulter, who took the stage to the music, “We will rock you,” had jabs on a few non-political topics as well.
“I loved going on 'The View' because being around all those gals always makes me feel so young and pretty,” Coulter said of the ABC daytime talk show.
But Coulter mostly spoke about Obama and the media.
“All his adorers in the press keep comparing him to Lincoln and Reagan. Apparently they can’t think of a Democratic president worth comparing him to,” she said.
She concluded her remarks, saying, “The media may see Obama as the second coming, but his policies seem to assure that there won’t be a second term.”