‘Anger Management's’ Charlie Sheen on His Indoor Shooting Range: ‘It Was Very Zen For Me’

By Jon Schulter | January 18, 2013 | 3:41 PM EST

Actor Charlie Sheen. (AP)

(CNSNews.com) – Actor and long-time Hollywood bad boy Charlie Sheen told CNN’s Piers Morgan that he once owned many guns and would use them at his own in-home shooting range, and that firing the weapons was “very Zen” for him.

He added that after a “domestic” issue, he had to get rid of his firearms and that he is not concerned because he has a “security team that is well-armed.”

On CNN’s Piers Morgan Tonight on Jan. 17, host Piers Morgan asked Sheen, “Have you ever owned guns yourself?”

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Sheen said, “I have, yeah, I was not a hunter but a target shooter [and] more of a weapons collector, with a lot of vintage stuff all through the years, various weaponry. And then I had a domestic [issue] and they took them all away and I haven’t got them back. I’m okay with it. I have a security team that’s pretty well-armed.”

Morgan: “Do you miss having guns around?”

Sheen: “I miss shooting. I had an underground range at my house. I’d go down there and spend hours. It was very Zen for me. But I didn’t carry and I didn’t feel like – I felt they were tools for what I was using them for, not for all the negative stuff, you know?”