Alaska woman takes Occupy the Tundra stand

By MARY PEMBERTON | October 21, 2011 | 2:45 PM EDT

In an Oct. 9, 2011 photo, Diane McEachern sits with her dogs Mr. Snickers, left, Seabiscuit, and Ruffian, right, on the tundra near Bethel, Alaska. McEachern wanted to participate in the Occupy Wall Street protests so she gathered her dogs, bundled up and went out to the tundra with a homemade sign that read "Occupy the Tundra." The photo was posted on the Occupy Wall Street Facebook page and has since been shared thousands of times. (AP Photo/Courtesy of Diane McEachern)

ANCHORAGE, Alaska (AP) — Alaskan Diane McEachern says when she heard about the Occupy Wall Street protests she thought, "How can I get in on that?"

Soon after, she marched out onto the tundra near her home, where she held up a homemade cardboard sign bearing her protest message: "Occupy the Tundra."

Her picture was taken with the sign and her bundled up in the cold while her three rescued dogs sat by her side.

Little did the 52-year-old Bethel resident know the photo, which was posted on the Occupy Wall Street Facebook page, would be shared thousands of times and become one of the more famous images of a movement that otherwise has been widely illustrated with photos showing mass protests in large U.S. cities.