'al-Qaida sympathizer' accused of NYC bomb plots

By TOM McELROY | November 21, 2011 | 2:35 AM EST

NEW YORK (AP) — An "al-Qaida sympathizer" accused of plotting to bomb government buildings in New York City as well as U.S. troops returning home remains in police custody after an arraignment on terrorism-related charges.

Jose Pimentel of Manhattan was described by Mayor Michael Bloomberg, who announced Pimentel's arrest Sunday, as "a 27-year-old al-Qaida sympathizer" who was motivated by terrorist propaganda and resentment of U.S. troops in Afghanistan and Iraq. Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly said police had to move quickly to arrest Pimentel because he was ready to carry out his plan.

But Pimentel's lawyer said his client's behavior leading up to the arrest was not that of a conspirator trying to conceal some violent scheme. Attorney Joseph Zablocki said Pimentel was public about his views and was not trying to hide anything.