Afghan policemen killed in fight with Taliban

By the Associated Press | December 6, 2011 | 2:50 AM EST

KABUL, Afghanistan (AP) — Afghan police on Tuesday said an unspecified number of policemen have been killed and wounded in a gunbattle with insurgents in the country's northeast.

Details about Monday's fighting in Badakhshan province remain sketchy, but deputy provincial police chief Sayed Hussain Safawi said Afghan police were deployed to Wardooj district after residents complained about violence and intimidation by the Taliban. The district is about 40 miles (65 kilometers) southeast of the provincial capital of Faizabad.

The Taliban claim they have kidnapped 30 Afghan policemen and torched 20 of their vehicles.

Safawi said that authorities sent a team to the site to investigate. He confirmed some police were been killed and wounded but gave no details.

In other violence, the governor's office in southwest Helmand said 12 insurgents were killed in three separate incidents that took place on Monday.

In a statement, the governor's media office said all the incidents occurred in the restive Sangin district and were the result of coalition airstrikes. The statement said three insurgents were killed in one attack, six in another and three in the last. NATO could not immediately confirm the air strikes.