Advocacy Group Unveils 'Positive Agenda' for Liberals

By Susan Jones | July 7, 2008 | 8:31 PM EDT

( - The pre-election results are in: announced on Friday that its "new, positive agenda" for the current election year includes the following three items:

--Health care for all
--Energy independence through clean, renewable sources
--Democracy restored

Those three agenda points were overwhelmingly selected from a list of ten by more than 100,000 activists who voted online this week -- after discussing the issues at hundreds of house parties around the country last week., in announcing its election-year agenda on Friday, said it's the "grassroots consensus" that makes this agenda different and powerful.

The group said "health care for all" and "energy independence" were the clear winners for first and second place, with 82.8 percent of online voters choosing one or both items.

The third item -- "democracy restored" -- is an umbrella category. According to, two agenda items ("restored constitutional rights" and "verifiable, accurate elections") ended up in a virtual tie for third place.

The group said it examined what people were saying about both issues, and discovered the common theme was "guarding against anti-democratic abuses of power."

"When the President puts himself above the law to invade our private lives, democracy is threatened. When thousands of votes are lost or deleted and there's no way to check the results, democracy is threatened. We believe in a country where our rights are safe, and our votes always count -- that's democracy restored," explained.

The group said it plans to launch a "major campaign" for a clean energy future this month. That involves "breaking the vise grip of big oil in Washington with an 'Oil-Free Congress' initiative." Details are coming later. said it will continue to lobby for an end to the Iraq war. "But our new agenda will focus our long-term work, offer voters a positive, inspiring reason to support progressives on Election Day, and push Democrats to think big and fight hard."

Republicans have accused Democrats of failing to produce a clear agenda for America, and it appears that is stepping in to fill the void.

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