Ad for Anti-Gun Rally Links Students With 'Assault Weapons'

By Susan Jones | July 7, 2008 | 8:30 PM EDT

( - A full-page ad in Monday's Washington Post implies that "unless President Bush acts" soon, children will bring "assault weapons" to school in the fall.

"When your kids go back to school, will assault weapons, too?" the ad caption says. The caption is printed over a photograph of a young boy wearing a backpack who is walking away from the camera -- and appears to be heading to school.

Paid for by the Million Mom March, the ad promotes a Mother's Day march for "sensible gun laws."

"On Mother's Day, May 9th , join thousands of mothers and others as they gather on the West Front of the Capitol to demand that President Bush and Congress save the assault weapons ban," the ad's text says. "Unless President Bush acts, these weapons of war will be legal again -- just as America's children go back to school."

In fact, the ban on certain semi-automatic weapons will expire in September unless Congress -- not President Bush -- passes a law extending the ban.

President Bush has said he supports extending the ban, but he has not been vocal about it.

The National Rifle Association and other Second Amendment groups strongly oppose any move to extend the Clinton-era ban for a number of reasons. They also note that so-called "assault weapons" are used in relatively few crimes.