Actor Rick Schroder: Don’t Blindly Follow Any Leader, Including Obama

By Nicholas Ballasy | May 18, 2009 | 6:25 PM EDT

( - Actor Rick Schroder told that the United States, like a household, should not spend more than it takes in and that the federal government’s immense spending increases are risky.  Schroder was also critical of the notion that Americans should give President Obama all-out support for anything he wants to do.
“No, you don’t give all-out support [to Obama] – you’ve got to question things,” Schroder said. “You gotta’ put your own perspectives and arguments forward and have a good debate about every single issue. If you don’t, where are we at, some sort of dictatorship or something. So no, I don’t think you just blindly follow any leader, ever.”
Schroder was responding to a question related to Tony Bennett, who had previously told that Americans should support Obama in all he wanted to do. 

Schroder also said the economy is a global issue and President Obama is not getting the support he needs.
“I think the economy is a bit of a beast of its own at this point and it’s a global thing. And unfortunately, one leader can’t change, you know, inherent problems with it and so it’s a global problem and we need a lot of help from our partners over the Atlantic to probably fix it,” Schroder told at the White House Correspondents Dinner.
“I don’t think he’s [Obama] getting that support he needs from those other folks so I guess time will tell,” said Schroder. “I don’t know if it was the right decision to go into debt as we have so I guess time will tell, but I’m always inclined to not spend more than we bring in – as a household, as a man, and as a country. So, my inclination is it’s risky.”
Schroder also said he hoped Obama does not raise taxes higher than President Clinton did.
“I guess they need it [the tax revenue] so I’ll give it to them,” said Schroder.  “You know, I pay my taxes like every other American so, you know, as far as I know it’s just going go back to what Clinton had it as and hopefully he won’t go through that ceiling.”
“But, you know, when you start talking about 40 percent income tax and 10 percent state tax in California and almost 10 percent sales tax in California, it’s getting a bit ridiculous,” he said.

Rick Schroder began his acting career in 1979 in the hit film The Champ. Shortly after, he became a child star on the sitcom Silver Spoons. He is most well-known in his adult acting career for his performance in the western television show Lonesome Dove, the sitcom Scrubs and the television crime drama NYPD Blue.