ABC's Joy Behar: Obama Is Not Sarah Palin, ‘Do Not Drill, Baby, Do Not Drill!’

By Nicholas Ballasy | May 3, 2010 | 4:33 PM EDT

Joy Behar (AP Photo)

( – Emmy award winner Joy Behar, a co-host of ABC’s The View, told that she does not know why President Barack Obama “feels like he has to be nice to Republicans” by supporting an offshore oil-drilling plan. She also referenced Sarah Palin with Obama on the issue, saying, “Do not drill, baby, do not drill!” spoke with Behar at the White House Correspondent’s Dinner on Saturday, May 1, in Washington, D.C. When asked whether Obama has lived up to her expectations, the liberal Behar said nobody escapes her “wrath.”
“Yes, so far but, you know, I have questions on him too,” she said. “Nobody escapes my wrath. Nobody. And I’m very happy that, you know, he is doing as well as he is.”

“The economy’s turning around and a lot of things he promised to do are taking effect,” said Behar, “so I’m happy, and we are cautiously watching him. I do not want this offshore drilling. I do not want it, and this thing that just happened in the Gulf should put the nail in the coffin of all those ideas. Who is he? Sarah Palin? ‘Drill baby, drill.’ No, he’s Obama. ‘Do not drill, baby, do not drill.’” also asked Behar, who is also the host of CNN’s Joy Behar Show, if she thought “it was wrong for him to lay out that (drilling) plan to begin with?”
She said, “I don’t know. He feels like he has to be nice to the Republicans -- why? You know, Bush was the decider and that was good enough. Let him be the decider.”
Celebrities like Grammy award winner Shakira have publicly spoken out against Arizona’s new law against illegal immigration. Behar said she also opposes the law.
“It’s a horrible solution to a bad problem and that doesn’t make it go away,” she told “All it does is exacerbate the program and we’re not living in some kind of a dictatorship where people stop, ‘May I see your papers?’ That’s outrageous! We have to find another solution.”
The U.S. Justice Department recently released its National Drug Threat Assessment 2010, which reports that one-in-five teenagers use illegal drugs in the United States and the predominant source of these drugs is Mexico. 
Behar said, “One in five – that’s all?”
Behar was then asked if the United States should seal the border to prevent those illegal drugs and the people transporting them from entering America.
“I think we should be – check out crime in that area and try to deal with the drug trade, but that doesn’t mean you just stop the person who’s trying to live a life, who has kids and everything,” said Behar.  “I mean, listen, crime control is one thing. Immigration is another. It’s too separate conversations.”