ABC, CBS, NBC, Obama and 350 Bottles of $300 Champagne

By Terence P. Jeffrey | July 17, 2013 | 1:36 PM EDT


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( - In their new book--Collusion: How the Media Stole the 2012 Election and How to Stop Them From Doing it in 2016—Media Research Center Founder and President Brent Bozell and Director of Media Analysis Tim Graham argue that part of the narrative the liberal media developed to define Republican candidate Mitt Romney in voters’ minds was that he was a “tool of the uber-rich.”


At the same time, the media generally ignored Obama’s hobnobbing and high-dollar fundraising with the elites of the entertainment industry—both in Hollywood and Manhattan.

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“Liberals are the elites, and they have been for many, many generations,” Bozell said in an interview with, when asked about Obama’s entertainment-industry fundraising.

“Barack Obama is worth millions and millions of dollars now, he will make hundreds of millions” after he leaves office, said Bozell. “He’s not a man of the people. He’s about as elitist as they get.”

“Liberal journalists hate the idea that super-rich capitalists are the ‘ultimate arbiters’ of the country’s direction—but not so for super-rich actors and fashion magazine editors,” Bozell and Graham write in Collusion.

Bozell and Graham write that when Obama visited Manhattan in September to appear on the David Letterman show and attend a fundraiser hosted by Beyonce Knowles and Jay-Z, the New York Times posted a story online but not in its print edition.

The story reported some populist things Obama said on the Letterman show: “My expectation is, if you want to be president, you’ve got to work for everybody, not just for some.” Obama also said: “What I think people want to make sure of is, you’re not writing off a big chunk of the country.”

From there, Obama went on to the $40,000-per-ticket fundraiser at Jay-Z's nightclub, which featured a 350-bottle tower of $300-per-bottle champagne. "ABC, CBS, and NBC never mentioned this clash of opulence and 'populism,'' write Bozell and Graham. is a division of the Media Research Center.