U.S. Special Forces Save Puppies from Afghani Death Squad, Help Send to U.S.

Tyler McNally
By Tyler McNally | July 21, 2014 | 10:51 AM EDT

After hand-raising two puppies that were rescued from the verge of death on the streets of Afghanistan, a team of Special Forces is trying to find a way to get the two dogs to the United States. Thankfully, an animal rescue group has come to their aid.

Guardians of Rescue, a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping distressed and endangered animals find new homes across the country, announced in a press release that they're helping the puppies make their way to new homes in the U.S. Teaming up with two animal shelters, one in Kabul and one in North Carolina, Guardians of Rescue is raising money to pay for the transportation and safety of these two dogs, one of whom has a broken leg from a car accident.

According a member of the Special Forces team, which cannot be named due to the nature of its work, "We saw a few Afghanis standing around something and firing at the ground. We could see an adult dog and figured that they were shooting the dog over and over again. When we got closer, we saw that the situation wasn't what we expected. The corpse of a dog on the ground had a litter of puppies no more than a week old and they weren't just shooting the mother but also shooting the pups."

While on the base, the two dogs, Rommel and Blitz, "became comrades, protectors and loyal companions." The team eventually had to leave the base and, consequently, the puppies had to stay in Afghanistan. Unfortunately, Rommel was in a car accident and had his leg broken.

With little veterinarian care on the front lines in Afghanistan, the need for Rommel to receive care was heightened.

The president of Guardians of Rescue, Robert Misseri, said that raising the money needed for the "No Buddy Left Behind Program" is difficult, "but helping our heroes and their four-legged battle buddies is the least we can do. After all, they sacrifice their lives for our freedom on a daily basis."

Rommel and Blitz will be landing stateside on July 23rd to an anxious team that will be sure to welcome them with open arms.