Carney Resigns WH Post: 'Might Manage My Son's Band'

Tyler McNally
By Tyler McNally | May 30, 2014 | 2:11 PM EDT

In a surprise announcement, President Obama has announced that Jay Carney is stepping as White House press secretary.

Just over three years ago, Carney was announced as the press secretary to take the place of Robert Gibbs.  Previously, Carney was Vice President Joe Biden's communications director and worked for the Moscow bureau of Time Magazine.

When asked what he would do after he resigned, Carney said that he "might manage my son's band" and that he's "excited by some of the possibilities" that have been offered.

As Pres. Obama was leaving the press room, he and Carney embraced.

The Principle Deputy Press Secretary, Josh Earnest, will replace Carney when he resigns, which he says will be around the second to third week in June.

Last August, reporters laughed at Earnest when he tried to deny that Pres. Obama was attempting an "end-run" around Congress.