Students Protest Obama's Visit to Their Campus

Timothy Hill
By Timothy Hill | February 10, 2014 | 2:50 PM EST

President Obama was greeted by protesters before he delivered a speech at North Caroline State University last month.

Students from the Young Americans for Liberty prepared some signs to express their disapproval of some of the president's policies.

Students protest president's visit.

The organization, which is libertarian in nature, didn't just protest the surveillance programs of the National Security Agency. They also touched on Obamacare and the weak economic conditions in the nation. Playing on some voters' belief in President Obama's messiah complex, one protester's poster read, "Obama so loved the poor he made millions more."

The student protesters found a creative way to confuse, yet inform, the attendees of the speech.

The group made mock programs of the event that humorously broke the speech down into parts.

One part described the budget portion of the speech as, "How we found room in the [federal] budget to book Adele and Beyonce for Michelle [Obama]'s birthday party."