Dubai's Director General Calls for Minimum Salary for Car Ownership

Timothy Hill
By Timothy Hill | February 11, 2014 | 5:18 PM EST

The country of Dubai is considering requiring car owners to have a minimum salary before they can own a vehicle. This proposal doesn't have anything to do with preventing more people from acquiring car loan debt, though.

Dubai's government is concerned about traffic congestion. Hussain Lootah, Dubai's Director General, thinks that this proposal may just work.

Reportedly, Lootah's goal is to get more people in his country to use public transportation.

I don't know if this proposal, if it's adopted, will include bicycle lanes. I'm guessing those might interfere with camel lanes.

Not to perpetuate stereotypes, but Mr. Lootah defended his idea by noting that Dubai has over 200 nationalities.

"I can't see [education and awareness] having an effect. Unless you go hard, nobody will obey," he said, according to article in The National.

The Dubai government shouldn't count on the United States to answer any looming questions about Mr. Lootah's proposal.

Regarding Saudi Arabia's ban on women drivers, Secretary of State John Kerry said the question of whether women should be allowed to drive in the country is "best left to Saudi Arabia."

I know the answer to that question and so does every man reading this.