Obama’s ‘Year of Action’ Recalls Clinton’s ‘Call to Action’

January 29, 2014 - 6:43 AM

(CNSNews.com) – “Let’s make this a year of action,” President Obama said in his State of the Union address Tuesday night. He says most Americans want their elected leaders to “focus on their lives, their hopes, their aspirations.”

The “action” concept is not unique to Obama, however.

In his 1997 State of the Union address, President Bill Clinton also called for “action.”

“So, tonight, I issue a call to action -- action by this Congress, action by our states, by our people, to prepare America for the 21st century. Action to keep our economy and our democracy strong and working for all our people; action to strengthen education and harness the forces of technology and science; action to build stronger families and stronger communities and a safer environment; action to keep America the world's strongest force for peace, freedom and prosperity. And above all, action to build a more perfect union here at home.”