Sr. WH Adviser on Obama's 'Keep Your Plan' Promise: 'I Can't Go Back in Time on This'

Matt Vespa
By Matt Vespa | November 5, 2013 | 1:02 PM EST

On ABC's This Week last Sunday, White House Senior Adviser Dan Pfieffer, the guardian of the president's no compromise strategy that prevented the government from reopening much sooner, was pressed hard by George Stephanopoulos about Obama's promise that Americans would be able to keep their health care plans if they liked them.

When Stephanopoulos kept pressing Pfieffer on the broken promise, he simply responded by saying, "I can't go back in time on this."

Tell that to the 93 million Americans who are set to lose their coverage.

What's more depraved is that Pfeiffer said that Obamacare is going to give Americans a better deal.  Does he know the software to calculate subsides is inaccurate? Does he think that single men should pay for maternity care?

The Wall Street Journal also reported last week that a debate broke out among Obama's advisers over the language of the "keep your health care" promise made by the president - and whether it should be said at all.  In the end, the political wing of the campaign emerged victorious.