Protesters Feel VA Scandal Isn't As Big As Obama's Failure To Close Gitmo

Matt Vespa
By Matt Vespa | June 3, 2014 | 2:33 PM EDT

MRCTV's Kelly Lawyer recently maneuvered through the hyper-emotionalism and orange jump suits to ask participants of a "Close Guantanamo Bay" rally if they thought Obama's failure to shut down the detention center was a scandal - and, if so, if it is a bigger scandal than the one enveloping Veterans Affairs (VA).

Everyone in attendance was there to protest on behalf of the prisoners, and to voice their opposition to torture.  Of course, the "Blame Bush" mentality was alive and well, with one attendee saying he was there to hold Bush and Cheney accountable for their crimes, or something.

Lawyer interviewed one man who broke down in tears because of Obama's broken promise to close the detention center - and said it is the reason he voted for Barack Obama.

Another woman said Gitmo is an example of  "Democracy gone amok."  Uh, it's probably an example of Big Government run amok, but that's a different debate.

Overall, the protesters agreed that the failure to close Gitmo is a scandal. Code Pink's Medea Benjamin said "this has been a scandal for 12 years."  But, many of the activists said this was a bigger scandal than the one surrounding the VA.

The far left has their priorities set.