OMB Director Twice Refuses to Commit to Obamacare Web-Fix Deadline

Matt Vespa
By Matt Vespa | October 21, 2013 | 4:48 PM EDT

So, when will the administration's health care website be fixed? Will it be in November or December, or January of next year?  The answer is: we don't know.

Yesterday, on Political Capital with Al Hunt on Bloomberg News, Office of Management and Budget (OMB) Director Sylvia Burwell prevaricated when asked when the website will be fixed.  So, it seems we can all expect more embarrassing technical shortfalls as we continue into autumn.

AL HUNT: "But if people can't sign up, they can't get affordable care; can you guarantee the public that by December 15 - say - which is a little over two weeks before they can really join that this - these problems will be largely rectified?"

SYLVIA BURWELL:  "I think the [Obama] administration is working deeply on the problems that exist. And I think it's also important to recognize that they're other places - and ways; in terms of whether those are the phone numbers, the navigators, and other tools and choices that people have to do that. I think also ­- from an OMB perspective  - it's important to also recognize in addition to the issue of health care for the uninsured; the issue of people who have children up to 26 being covered; the issue of pre-existing conditions - all of those are being worked on in a very successful way in terms of the substance and reducing costs."

HUNT: "Cautiously optimistic that you'll it rectified by December 15?"

BURWELL: "I'm optimistic that we'll continue to make progress on the issue."

So, by December 15, we'll just see "progress" - but, how can we measure that progress if the administration doesn't release the data?  Yes, 476,000 applied for Obamacare, but how many were actually enrolled? Well, that number is a dismal 51,000, according to Daily Mail sources.

The Associated Press' Julie Pace noted on MSNBC's Morning Joe today that the administration does have the numbers coming in, but won't release them.  Pace noted that the administration is being "selectively transparent" when it comes to this telling statistic.