Obamacare Exchange Chiefs Out in Four States...So Far

Matt Vespa
By Matt Vespa | January 13, 2014 | 6:09 PM EST

Over the weekend, it was reported that Oregon's health care exchange still isn't working three months after it was launched.  Gov. John Kitzhaber said last week that he was ordering a review as to why his state's exchange is failing.  To make matters worse, their point person on the exchange, Rocky King, resigned late last year, citing medical reasons. Yet, King isn't the only Obamacare exchange chief that's left; there are three others.

Here are four state exchange chiefs who couldn't take it anymore, and why they resigned. What's the five-second dossier on these people?

1.      April Todd-Malmlov: She was the head on Minnesota's exchange MNsure.  She resigned after absconding to the tropics during the height of the Obamacare website meltdown.

2.      Rebecca Pearce:  The point person of the Maryland exchange also decided to flee to the Cayman Islands when her exchange was sinking fast than the Titanic. This subsequently led to her resignation.

3.      Coral Andrews: The head of Hawaii's exchange decided to call it quits after failing to get the online portal to function. According to the Wall Street Journal, "fewer than 500 people have enrolled thus far in the Aloha State's exchange, despite having received $205,342,270 in federal exchange planning and establishment grants."

4.      Rocky King: The head of Oregon's exchange had $303,011,587 in grants to work with, but was only able to enroll a whopping 44 people as of last November.  When you spend $6.9 million a person, it's time to go; or in the case of Rocky, take extended medical leave.

Millions losing their insurance and the exchanges aren't fully functional; ladies and gentleman, so, I'll say it again: this is an abject disaster.

H/T IJ Review