Hillary Clinton Campaigned on Individual Mandate in 2008

Matt Vespa
By Matt Vespa | November 25, 2013 | 4:23 PM EST

President Obama and his administration are getting a political beating over the abject failure of the Obamacare rollout. Yet, Hillary Clinton is remaining surprisingly untouched by the media concerning their criticism of the Affordable Care Act’s shortfalls.

 After all, Hillary campaigned on an individual mandate in the 2008 Democratic primaries. Obama didn’t, but he was for a mandate concerning parents buying insurance for their children. He changed that quite a bit after he was elected president.

Additionally, Hillary also advocated for a mandate in her failed 1993 health care reform push. At the time, then-Senator of New York Daniel Patrick Moynihan once commented, “anyone who thinks (the Clinton plan) can work in the real world as presently written isn't living in it." The same could be said about Obamacare. So, here are a few clips showing Ms. Clinton’s affinity for individually mandated health care coverage, and then-candidate Obama’s somewhat aversion to it.

Here’s a clip of Obama and Clinton duking it out over health care during the ’08 Ohio debate.

In this exchange, then-Sen. Clinton harped on all the usual benefits of an individual mandate – specifically, the notion that the costs the uninsured inflict on the market due to emergency care can be better addressed if everyone is in the same pool, or something. 

She also gave a history lesson, saying that social programs, like Social Security and Medicare, would be entirely different – and detrimental to the liberal agenda – if they were made voluntary to support her policy position. 

Now, we do have an individual mandate on health insurance – and costs haven’t been controlled or have gone down.