Video-Boehner Bonds with Wind-Up Monkey: 'This Is Me'

Katherine Rodriguez
By Katherine Rodriguez | August 27, 2014 | 11:26 AM EDT

If you've ever been on a tour of the Speaker's Office in the Capitol Building, you might not have noticed the small wind-up monkey in the room. Well, now he co-stars with Rep. John Boehner in a new video.

"This is me," Rep. Boehner declares in a new video highlighting this unique artifact that sits in H-232.

The office of Rep. John Boehner (R-OH) produced the 40-second video about the wind-up monkey that sits in the Speaker's office and says the monkey is the second most-photographed subject in the office other than Boehner himself.

Rep. Boehner's staff created an album on Flickr dedicated to his toy monkey called "monkey sightings," where the monkey is placed on a table greeting visitors such as Indiana Gov. Mike Pence and Former First Lady Laura Bush.

It all started back in Fall 2011, when Speaker Boehner joked in an interview that he "felt like a wind-up toy" because his schedule was so packed, the website stated.

"My staff gave it to me," Boehner says in the video. "Every 15-30 minutes, they come in and wind me up and I do my thing."

An Atlantic Wire piece tried to compare Rep. Boehner to his "wind-up monkey" as a way to highlight the Speaker's off-the-cuff-remarks, also known as "Boehner Outbursts":

But the times when the Speaker most closely resembles a wind-up monkey are the patented Boehner Outbursts –moments during a press conference or a speech on the House floor when he works himself into a lather, lets slip a mild cuss or two, and lays into President Obama.

The Atlantic Wire took some Boehner catchphrases such as "this isn't some damn game" and "the White House hasn't done a damn thing" and said that many of his quotes are taken out of context for "effect."