Bear Overcomes Month-Long Bucket Challenge Thanks to Local Residents

Katherine Rodriguez
By Katherine Rodriguez | September 3, 2014 | 11:07 AM EDT

A young black bear completed the ultimate bucket challenge after he survived for a month with a black, bucket-like object on his head.

"The Bucket Bear" as local residents liked to call him, had roamed the streets of Clarion County in Western Pennsylvania with the object on its head before residents decided to intervene, according to The Patriot News.

Local resident Krissy Elder took a photo of the bear walking along a Western Pennsylvania highway and set up a Facebook page called Save The Bucket Bear on August 31 in order to bring attention to the bear's plight.

The next day, animal rescue volunteers Dean Hornberger and Samantha Eigenbrod saw a picture of the bear on Facebook and decided to act.

Within hours, the team found the bear walking along Rt. 368 near a town called West Freedom, Pa.

Eigenbrod videotaped the entire encounter on her cellphone while Hornberger tried to release the item. Eventually, three others joined in the effort to release the "bucket", which actually turned out to be a black air bag from a tractor-trailer.

Below is Hornberger's Youtube video of the encounter: