Try God: The Other White Meat?

Jeffrey Meyer
By Jeffrey Meyer | August 29, 2013 | 4:18 PM EDT

Anti-Christian vandals have taken it upon themselves to deface a promotional billboard asking individuals to “Try God.” Catholic radio station 1060 AM WQOM in Boston recently put up a billboard along the Massachusetts Turnpike with the words “Try God” on it.

Apparently such proud promotion of the Christian faith is deemed unacceptable in public space, as the billboard was recently vandalized, calling God the “Other White Meat.”

“It’s sad to learn that someone would deface our billboard and its uplifting message which encourages people to explore their friendship with God,” Chris Kelley, 1060AM station manager said.

The billboard, which is set to appear in the Greater Boston area from July 22-September 22 seems to be having an impact in the area. The Boston Globe recently ran an editorial cartoon in reaction to the “Try God” billboard, changing the slogan to “Try, God.”

In total, WQOM has installed 23 billboards around Boston, and so far only one has been vandalized and has received some coverage, but little outrage has emerged outside the Catholic community.

Sadly, smearing Christian messages is not an isolated phenomenon, with liberal websites like the Huffington Post calling the vandalism a “different spin” rather than condemning the disgusting anti-Christian acts of some vandals in Boston.