HHS Obamacare Video Winner: Clumsy 'Superhero' Tells Young 'Invincibles' They Need Health Insurance

Jeffrey Meyer
By Jeffrey Meyer | September 15, 2013 | 2:43 PM EDT

As if the federal government wasn't wasting enough of your money, on September 12, Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius awarded $1,500 to the "early bird" video winner promoting ObamaCare.

The prize pool can be as much as $30,000 spread over 100 "winners" and the "early bird" winner truly shows the ridiculousness of the contest.

Eighteen year-old Jason Girouard chose to done a red superhero costume to illustrate that young people feel invincible but, in reality, aren't. "I can do anything" and "I can hike Mount Everest wearing flip-flops," the "superhero" chants, before the supposed seriousness of the ad begins by telling us that we aren't as invincible as we think.

After pretending to be "invincible" and "king of the world," the "superhero" trips, breaking his arm, thus showing that we aren't invincible to injury.

Queue the sappy music.

HHS and Girouard feel that the best way to improve health care is to force healthy young people ("invincibles") to fund Obamacare by buying health insurance they might not want, instead of letting them make their own decisions.

The ad pretends to be serious in nature, but is actually so corny that you would think it's a parody of ObamaCare rather than a reason to embrace a law that currently is supported by less than 40 percent of Americans.

If a guy dressed up in a red red cape and blue jeans with a hanky wrapped around his eyes is the "early bird" winner for promoting ObamaCare, one can only imagine how bad the grand prize commercial will be.

While this commercial may be a comedic nightmare, the real nightmare is growing realization that ObamaCare gets worse with each passing day as it approaches full implementation.