Rush: ‘Who Cares If You’re Called Sinners by Some Backwoods Hick on Duck Show?’

James Beattie
By James Beattie | December 19, 2013 | 2:29 PM EST

In light of Phil Robertson, the patron of the Duck Commander business and star of A&E’s “Duck Dynasty,” being suspended for his remarks against homosexuals in the January issue of GQ magazine, Rush Limbaugh asked those who are forcing Robertson off the air Thursday, “Who cares if you’re called sinners by some backwoods hick on a duck show?”

Limbaugh also noted that John Podesta has not been removed from his new role as White House counselor for comparing House Republicans to members of the Jonestown cult. The tragedy resulted in 900 deaths as a result of members drinking poisonous Kool-Aid, and was the greatest loss of American civilian life in a non-natural disaster until the attacks on September 11.

“Really, who has been hurt? This is the whole point we’re up to, political correctness, a bunch of words. Who really has been harmed here at the end of the day? Nobody but Phil Robertson. Now John Podesta, has he been suspended yet? Has he been fired yet? Because he went out, and he called the entire Republican Party ‘Jonestown.’ And he compared the Republican Party to Jim Jones and that cult at Jonestown. Well they were mass murderers. They were a genuine cult. The ‘Duck Dynasty’ guy here is suspended and fired in an eye blink after what he said.

“Podesta, what he said offended nearly ten to twenty times as many people as what Phil Robertson said. Podesta compares Republicans to Jonestown. That is vile. That’s vulgar. That’s hurtful. That offends almost half the country, half the country’s Republicans. Anybody really want that kind of hate speech in the White House? We already have it there folks – in case you’re not aware. This is common ordinary, everyday stuff in the White House. This is who the left is. That’s what they believe. This is why I get so frustrated at Republicans – [they] don’t understand who they’re up against and what the people [they’re] up against really think of them.

“They really believe this. There’s a strain of belief, true belief. They do think the Republicans are the most vile, evil bunch of people running around. It is a perversion that they think this, but they think it, but nothing’s gonna happen to Podesta.

“And my question is for all of you at GQ and all of you leftists who are just mock outraged over this. And that’s what it is, it’s mock outrage. You don’t care what Phil Robertson thinks. Why would you? If there’s no God, why worry about what Phil Robertson thinks? If sin is this made up, crazy, wacko, Christian thing, why worry about it if it doesn’t exist? Why get worried about what some hayseed talks about sin and homosexuality and vaginas and anuses? Why does any of that bother you if what he believes isn’t even real?

“Why get so upset about it? If there isn’t any God, if there’s no sin, if there’s no morality, no judgment, no rules that apply to you, then why all the fuss? Who cares if you’re called sinners by some backwoods hick on a duck show, if it’s all BS? If there’s no accountability for the way you live, and if everything’s cool and hunky dory, and the only God, the nearest God you can find is whatever tree you think runs the environment that day – which could be Al Gore – then what’s the problem?”