Rush: Scorsese, DiCaprio Would Never Do a Movie about an EPA Employee's Fraud

James Beattie
By James Beattie | December 17, 2013 | 4:40 PM EST

In light of The Wolf of Wall Street coming to theatres, where Leonardo DiCaprio plays one time stock broker Jordan Belfort who was jailed for 20 months for a mob-linked securities fraud case, Rush Limbaugh asked his audience Tuesday if there will ever be a movie made about John C. Beale, a former climate-change expert for the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) who told left work for a fake CIA mission.

Beale pleaded guilty to defrauding the EPA out of nearly $1 million in wages and benefits.

"Think if somebody said, 'Hey DiCaprio, we got a great movie here for you.  A government bureaucrat, Environmental Protection Agency, is one of the most fraudulent places you can find in our government.  There's a guy there, Leo who defrauded the EPA out of more than a million dollars in wages and benefits just stole it pretending to be a CIA operative.  How would you like the lead?'  Think they'll make a movie out of that?  You think this guy from the EPA will even go to jail?  Will anybody even press charges on the guy?  Will there be a movie made about him?"

Rush then read from this New York Post article, and continued:

"Now how dumb were the people at the EPA to buy this nonsense?  And these are the people that are telling businesses and the rest of us how to live?  These are the people behaving outside the Constitution writing regulations for both individuals and small businesses which are both punitive and damaging."

"And so here's a guy right inside the EPA, leading authority on climate change, which is a total fraud itself defrauding the EPA.  So do you think we can interest Martin Scorsese into doing a movie on this as an example of liberal bureaucratic government run amuck?  Think we can have DiCaprio star in the movie and then he goes out and does the interviews promoting the release?  Talking about how 'yup this is how it is throughout our government, and this is the kind of thing that we've got to bring to a screeching halt.  This is the kind of stuff that's damaging everybody's belief in and credibility in the system.  Think we'd ever have that happen?  No way."

"But let these people's little cliches get dangled in front of them and so forth and they behave in a way that they cannot control themselves.  I just gotta tell you, Mr. DiCaprio and Mr. Scorsese and all the rest of you, the EPA, the Environmental Protection Agency, has a lot more power over our lives than Wall Street has ever had.  It isn't even close.  And you insult everybody's intelligence by doing a movie about this renegade criminal, and then trying to make it and then pass it off as though it's standard ordinary behavior day in and day out, which is classic folks. It is exactly what the left does.  This is how they tar and feather."