Limbaugh: 'Partnered Parenting' Used to be Called 'Marriage'

James Beattie
By James Beattie | December 4, 2013 | 3:05 PM EST

On today's show, Rush Limbaugh said that The New York Times wants "to bring about the end of the nuclear family."

Limbaugh was discussing this article from the Times.  He also talked about the website Partnered Parenting, in which 22 year old Rachel Hope connects people to have children in non-committal relationships:

"Is it a coincidence ladies and gentleman, that The New York Times would be focusing on the end of, the destruction of, the dissolving of, the nuclear family?  While they have been championing the gay agenda, especially same-sex marriage more than any other newspaper on the planet?   I'm telling you, this is an agenda, they're not strictly reporting what is happening.  It's like the same way they use polling data, they want to bring about the end of the nuclear family."

"Now in areas where they control people's income, I'm talking about the Democrat Party, and the left, the welfare state, they are destroying the American family.  But it's not because that's what those people want to happen.  People whose families are being destroyed are not voting Democrat for the exact opposite.  They think the Democrats are gonna take care of them.  And the Democrats end up becoming the husband and the father and the family gets blown to smithereens, and that's what's happened in the black community, and it's not me saying it.  It's countless African Americans who say this.  The first ones in fact who bring it to my attention.  The way some of them look at it."

"Now this Rachel Hope babe, it turns out there's a website out there called Partnered Parent and she is trying to make a career, Partnered Parent, and she's trying to make a career out of this.  She has her own magazine and a website."

Rush quoted Hope's biography from the Partnered Parenting website.  On it, Hope says that "A great joy for me is teaching others how to screen people on the Internet, how to arrange meetings with the best candidates, and how to negotiate an effective Partnered Parenting contract that will be in everyone's best interests."

"Now, we used to call that marriage," Rush noted.