Jon Stewart: 'If You Like Your NSA Spy, You Get to Keep Your NSA Spy'

James Beattie
By James Beattie | December 10, 2013 | 10:53 AM EST

At the top of his show Monday night, "Daily Show" host Jon Stewart mocked the inconsistency of the Obama Administration's stance on surveillance of American citizens, joking "If you like your NSA spy, you get to keep your NSA spy."

"Over the past six months or so, the American people have been playing something of a fun little game with the NSA.  The NSA tells us they're not doing something, and then we found out, they're totally doing it. For instance":

[plays video]Obama: "Nobody is listening to your telephone calls."

Stewart reacted, saying:

"It turns out they're totally listening to your telephone calls.  They're storing them in this giant Utah 'fortress of surveillitude.'  Next."

"On the bright side, under this plan, if you like your NSA spy, you get to keep your NSA spy.  But, of course, the government, they're a little stunned, 'I had no idea we could keep our same spy.'  That's shocking and delightful."