Hannity: Look for Lots of ‘Thrill Up Our Leg Moments’ when Matthews Interviews Obama

James Beattie
By James Beattie | December 3, 2013 | 7:29 PM EST

On his program Tuesday, Sean Hannity said that he hoped Chris Matthews "doesn't wet his pants" when he interviews President Obama.  Matthews will interview Obama at American University in Washington, DC on Thursday.

"[President Obama] has decided to give an interview, get ready for the biggest 'Obamagasm' in the history of broadcast media.  As the one and only Chris Matthews has been tapped by the White House to conduct the next puff piece interview of Obama, I'm sure we're gonna get plenty of 'thrill up our leg moments' here," said Hannity.

Hannity played a clip of Matthews saying "I got this thrill going up my leg" during the 2008 presidential campaign.

"Of course, the questions will probably be pre-screened, I would assume," Hannity continued:

"It's gotta be the thrill of a lifetime for Matthews.  I mean up his leg, anywhere else.  I hope he can control it. I hope he doesn't wet his pants.  He's gonna be so excited. Can you imagine: this is the guy that's gonna interview him and ask him the tough questions about Obamacare?  This guy?

The syndicated radio host then played a montage of Matthews quotes complimenting Obama - set to the song "Endless Love" by Lionel Richie and Diana Ross.

"Doesn't that just make you feel so good knowing that?  You gotta just brace yourself.  I don't know how the president does this all with a straight face.  But he's gonna go out there and tell everybody, 'Everything's alright, everything's fine, everything's good, no worries, let not your heart be troubled,"' Hannity added.