Goat's Hunger Strike Leads to Reunion with Donkey

Eric Scheiner
By Eric Scheiner | May 30, 2014 | 11:25 AM EDT

Is friendship an emotion that is shared by animals and humans?

The story of Mr. G the goat and Jellybean the donkey makes a case for the possibility that the bonds of friendship extend to furry animals.

According to KTVU-TV, animal welfare officials seized dozens of animals from the home of a hoarder earlier this year.

While the animals were reportedly living in poor conditions, a special bond between goat and donkey may have formed. A friendship that became strained when the goat and donkey were taken to separate sanctuaries.

After arriving at the Animal Place in Grass Valley, California, Mr. G, the goat, became depressed. Shelter officials noticed he stayed in the corner of his stall and refused to eat.

The Animal Place decided to go get Jellybean. Once the two animals were reunited, the goat sprang back to life.

Mr. G started running around his pen and began eating again. The video above really captures the drastic change in the goat’s behavior.

The two animals are currently sharing a pen - and perhaps friendship as well.


Eric Scheiner
Eric Scheiner
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