Getting a Buzz on Honoring Veterans Day

Eric Scheiner
By Eric Scheiner | November 11, 2013 | 9:55 AM EST

It’s Veterans Day, a day that we pause to show our thanks and special regard to the men and women that have served their country.

It’s important to show respect. It’s important to remember that the freedoms we have in this country are because of the veterans who have served and are serving.

Some unfortunately, lose sight of that. They get emotional about the politics or position of the engagement a veteran may have served in and show disrespect for the man or woman who has performed the duty asked of them by their country.

There’s a video that comes to mind from 2002 showcasing Buzz Aldrin.

Many know Aldrin for his role as a NASA astronaut who walked on the moon in the 1969 lunar landing. Some forget he’s a veteran USAF fighter pilot of the Korean War.

In 2002 Bart Sibrel didn’t give a moment of respect to this veteran.  He was filled with passion about his belief that the moon landing was faked as part of a government conspiracy.

Sibrel chose to confront Aldrin and disrespect him. Sibrel follows the retired astronaut around a hotel lobby badgering him. Aldrin attempts to leave repeatedly and even asks for the police to be contacted as Sibrel repeatedly calls him a coward and a liar.

In the end, a clearly frustrated Aldrin gives his own memorable response to the situation. A shortened version of the video showing just his response can be seen above.

Today we honor veterans openly and in visible ceremonies. Tomorrow, let’s continue to show them respect for their service even if we disagree with their politics, past or position.  Remember that your freedom to express your opinion, along with all of the other freedoms this country offers, have been defended by them.

Eric Scheiner
Eric Scheiner
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