Best of The Week 1/17/14

Eric Scheiner
By Eric Scheiner | January 17, 2014 | 3:54 PM EST

Here's a look at the stories that are the Best of The Week.

Looking for the Score

The Energy Department on Tuesday rolled out some new, improved software to help Americans measure the energy efficiency of their homes called "The Home Energy Scoring Tool."

To produce a Home Energy Score, a trained, "qualified assessor" comes to your house-- for a fee -- and collects approximately 40 pieces of data about the home.

Later the house is scored and your made aware of any energy improvements the government recommends.

Pumping up The Gas Tax

If they’re not busy raising the energy score for your home – perhaps the government could raise the gas tax for when you hit the road.

Former Department of Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood says, it’s been a while since the gas tax was raised, so now is the time.

Label on the Laces?

Maybe we should forget driving - sometimes it’s just best to go for a walk. But you should probably make sure you’ve read the warning label on your shoes first. What? You don’t have one?

Neither does a Portland pimp who is suing Nike for $100 million dollars. The reason: he wasn't warned that his Nike shoes could be used as a weapon.

In July of 2012, while wearing Nikes, Sirgiorgiro Clardy viciously stomped on the face of a john who was trying to leave without paying Clardy's prostitute. Clardy received a 100-year prison sentence as a result.

Without a warning label, how was Clardy to have known that stomping on someone’s head could cause injury?

Loving those numbers

We hope you catch some of the great NFL Championship games being played this weekend. Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) will be watching her San Francisco 49ers.

Pelosi is such a big fan that she even has jewelry with Hall of Fame quarterback Joe Montana’s jersey number -- which she claims was 14.

Montana was Number 16 while playing with the 49ers.

Pelosi says, “I love numbers.”

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