Teacher Gives 5th Graders O'Doul's Beer - as a Taste of Colonial Times?

Dan Joseph
By Dan Joseph | March 18, 2014 | 10:28 AM EDT

Trouble could be brewing for a Michigan 5th grade teacher after she allowed her students to drink O'Doul's non-alcoholic beer during class - to teach them about Colonial times.

According to school Superintendent, Ed Koledo, students in a class at Hyatt Elementary school sampled O'Doul's, advertised as a non-alcoholic malt beverage, after one of the students brought it in as part of a lesson on Colonial times. Apparently, beer was one of the staples of 18th century life due to the scarcity of clean drinking water.

O'Doul's contains less than 0.5 alcohol.  While that's far less than regular beer, allowing minors to drink it is still a misdemeanor.

Students were not forced to sample the beer and only a small taste was given to each student.

Koledo declined to identify the teacher but said that the school district has made it clear to her that her actions were inappropriate.

"We talked to the teacher and said this was an inappropriate choice," said Koledo.  "There were a lot better choices to represent a colonial-era drink than what was chosen here."