Saudi Arabia Criticizes Norway's Human Rights Record

Dan Joseph
By Dan Joseph | April 29, 2014 | 12:53 PM EDT

What you are about to read is not a joke. This story has not appeared on The Onion or any other sites dedicated to news satire.

Saudi Arabia, an Islamic theocracy is criticizing the human rights record of Norway.  Yes, Norway.  The Islamic theocracy is claiming that the Scandinavian nation is not doing enough to protect its Muslim citizens and should criminalize criticism of the prophet Mohammed.

Saudi Arabia also expressed concern at what they claim is increased wealth inequality in Norway and  "increasing cases of domestic violence."

For some inexplicable reason, The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, which has repeatedly been accused of committing human rights violations--particularly in its treatment of women--has a seat on the UN's Human Rights Council.

In addition to Saudi Arabia's complaints, Russia has also taken the Norwegians to task for what it claims is the nations failure to crack down on religious intolerance and its child welfare system.

One might assume that Norway will simply laugh off the accusations based on the lack of credibility of their accusers. However, it is important to note that Norway already has very strict laws against anything that authorities deem to be "discriminatory or hateful expression" against individuals or groups due to their religion or sexual orientation.

Violations are punishable by fines or imprisonment and enforcement of these speech codes has been tightened in recent months.